We are fortunate to have the exclusive services of a master Gelataio (artisan gelato maker) with over 30 years of experience. Trained in Italy by legendary Italian maestri Luca Caviezel and the late Fulvio Scolari, our Gelatiao is ‘scuola vecchia’ (old school) when it comes to gelato. Itali-ah’s gelato is made using vintage equipment, including a 1960’s Carpigiani L-20 C Mantecatore Verticale (vertical batch freezer), and a 1980’s Carpigiani PastoMaster (pasteurizer) that our Gelataio personally selected and reconditioned in Italy. It doesn’t get any more authentic than that! These machines are mechanical, not automatic, and require a higher level of skill and expertise than the automated, digitally controlled machines of today.

Using fresh Maine milk and cream, our Gelataio and his Apprendista (apprentice) are turning out delicious seasonal gelato and sorbetto. Short gelato season? Gets cold in Maine, you say? “To gelato, or not to gelato in wintertime? That is the question.” This winter, as the days shorten and the snow begins to fall, we’ll have the answer….gelato caldo, hot gelato! hot gelato? Yes, gelato caldo, coming soon to Itali-ah! In the meanwhile, if you’ve never tried gelato, or if you’ve already got a gelato habit, stop in and try some free samples!

Our flavors include Fragolina (Wild Strawberry), Cioccolato (Chocolate), Nocciola (Hazelnut), Mirtillo (Wild Maine Blueberry), Panna Cotta (Cooked Cream), Cocco (Coconut), Mora (Blackberry), Caramello Salato (Salted Caramel), Vaniglia (Tahitian Vanilla Bean), Stracciatella (Vanilla Chocolate Chip), Gianduia (Chocolate Hazelnut), Acero con Noce Candite (Maple-Candied Walnut), Pistacchio (Pistachio), and many, many more. We rotate out flavors on a daily/seasonal basis!