Itali-ah’s Market section has a wide variety of authentic and unusual Italian specialty products. We’re extremely proud of our own extra-virgin olive oil, grown pressed in the Tuscan hill town of Castellina in Chianti. This extraordinary extra-virgin is shipped to us in late November or early December, within hours of harvesting and pressing; you can’t find a fresher, more delicious Italian olive oil for sale in the United States! Try some, and we’re sure you’ll agree. We have a vast selection of pastas, many from the famous Gragnano area of Campania, the pasta-making capital of the world, including our own handmade fresh Sfoglia Bolognese, the same exquisite egg pasta that we make for our restaurant

To accompany your pasta, we have a great selection of ready to use sauces, pestos, and sauce bases. Making your own? We stock several brands of San Marzano DOP tomatoes from the Nocerino Sarnese area, grown in ancient volcanic soil on the plains that lie under shadow of Mount Vesuvius. Add some fragrant Sicilian oregano, dried on the branch, or perhaps Urbani dried porcini mushrooms from the forests of the Garfagnana in Tuscany. Need recipe suggestions? Our chefs are happy to share!

Cheese and salumi are a great way to start your meal. We have a deli case stocked with amazing cheeses and cured meats, including mozzarella di bufala, flown in weekly from Campania. It’s antipasto heaven!

We are also the only purveyor in Maine of Bibanesi, unique, hand-pulled breadsticks made with extra-virgin olive oil and sourdough starter. Named for the town of Bibano, in the province of Treviso, where they are made by the Da Re family, Bibanesi are wonderfully satisfying with a glass of Prosecco or an Apertivo, and wrapped with Prosciutto crudo or Speck. They are crisp, flavorful, and addictive, so don’t say you weren’t warned!

Our all-Italian wine and beer selection is extensive and varied, guaranteed to please both the most discerning connoisseur and the beginner as well, and we are happy to guide you through it.

We are also proud to feature the popular Vinolio Oils and Balsamic Vinegars; bottles can be filled directly from stainless steel fustis, and are refillable. Vinolio also has a discount card, plus you’ll receive a $1.00 discount when you bring in a bottle to refill.